Preaching is one of the most difficult yet rewarding facets of ministry. Welcome to a community of preachers dedicated to the art and craft of preaching.


If you are like most of my readers, you are a dedicated preacher of the Word of God. Your preaching is part of your larger liturgical ministry. You serve in a tradition that emphasizes the sacramental presence of Christ in worship. You’re dedicated to excellent preaching that guides and inspires people to take up the Cross and follow Jesus Christ. You also know that preaching is one of the most rewarding, and also one of the most difficult, parts of Christian ministry. You’re looking for ways to

  • shine the light of the Gospel on real-world problems
  • capture the attention of your hearers with concrete imagery
  • intentionally focus on the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • powerfully deliver messages with theological precision and pastoral depth
  • offer a healing word in times of crisis
  • invite people to a transforming encounter with the Word of God

When you take time to work on your next sermon or homily, do you ever feel overwhelmed? There is so much that you could talk about, so many ideas and various theological approaches that you could take. Yet, when it comes time to craft the message, you can’t think of what to say: there’s no inspiration, there’s no clarity.  I’ve been in that very situation.

Effective preaching is a combination of the ongoing spiritual health of the preacher, coupled language that is natural to the speaker and to the hearer.  This blog provides resources to assist you in the art and craft of preaching. It will include homiletical reflections on Scripture; rhetorical and theological considerations for the language that we use in preaching; and personal reflections on the challenges we face in the preaching life.

Sergius Halvorsen

I have been preaching since 1995 and have been teaching preaching since 2002. I received my PhD in Liturgical Studies from Drew University in 2002, and in 2004 I was ordained a priest in the Orthodox Church of America. I teach homiletics at St. Vladimir’s Seminary and I regularly preach at Christ the Savior Church in Southbury CT.

I love to preach, and I love to help preachers discover and refine their own God-given voice to proclaim the Good News. When we preach well, not only does the Word of God inspire and enrich the lives of those we serve, but we are personally enriched and inspired.

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Waves of life.

A sermon delivered on Sunday, March 18 2018 at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, New Britain CT. CT Deanery Lenten Vespers. Today we sang “Since you are immortal, O my soul, do not be overwhelmed by the waves of this life!” Have you ever been overwhelmed by a wave? Have you ever been swimming in the ocean and been …



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